Organizational Structure


The organizational structure for the didactic, production and research activities of the Siena Jazz Foundation, as it is codified in these regulations approved in the meeting of the Administrative Council of the Siena Jazz Foundation held on April 30, 2010, was integrated with the necessary institution of bodies and jurisdictions with the goal to render it compliant with the regulations in art. 11 D.P.R., July 8, 2005 n. 212 that prescribed accordance with the regulations that are in force for government institutions. Also, to the extent of the authorization requested to the Ministry qualified to issue the academic qualifications of which the indicated order. Except for the right to introduce regulations that conform to the provisions in force and to the statute relative to the organizational and functional regulations, they are a necessary part to the organizational structure for didactic, production and research activities, the bodies listed below:

The president of the Siena Jazz Foundation; The general artistic director responsible for the three sectors of activity of the Siena Jazz Foundation: didactics, research and production; The director of didactics, responsible for the didactic sectors of the diploma courses; The director of research, responsible for the National Center for Jazz Studies “Arrigo Polillo”, research sector of the Siena Jazz Foundation. The administrative director; The administrative council; The academic council; The review board; The evaluation group; The board of instructors; The student council.

The President of the Siena Jazz Foundation

The President is the legal representative of the institution; he presides over and summons the administrative council and sets the agenda. He has every other attribution provided for by law and by the statute.

The general artistic director responsible for the three sectors of activity of the Siena Jazz Foundation: didactics, research and production

The director is the person in charge of didactic, scientific and artistic progress of the institution. He has every other attribute provided for by the statute.

The director of research, responsible for the National Center for Jazz Studies “Arrigo Polillo,” research sector of the Siena Jazz Foundation

The director of research is responsible for the management of the Audio Archives and of the library, manages the instrumentation of the Study Center, the audio and book supports, their cataloging, restoration and conservation. He collaborates with the Didactic Director to guarantee and efficient documentation service to the students and instructors of the courses. He manages the relations with the national and international research institutions of the sector, taking care of the publication of the “Quaderni di Siena Jazz” and the external cultural and editorial relations necessary to reach the institution’s objectives in the research field. All proposals for activities and management relative to his position are subject to approval by the administrative council.

The administrative director

The administrative director is nominated by the administrative council, chosen from people that possess specific qualifications of professionalism, having demonstrated documents experiences or skills in the fields of executive, economic or financial management.

The administrative director: Supervises the administrative structure of the Foundation and is responsible for it;

  • Provides for the execution of the deliberations of the administrative council in his field of competence;

  • Carries out the acts assigned or delegated to him by the administrative council;

  • Can delegate or sub-delegate, even temporarily, to the Foundation staff the power to carry out limited functions and to perform specific acts that are part of their specific competence, remaining co-responsible;

  • Handles the prearrangement of the annual budget plans, both estimates and final to submit to the administrative council.

The administrative director cannot be part of any of the bodies of the Foundation, and he must possess the qualifications of honorability expected by the art.15 of the L.55 1990. If any of the above-mentioned conditions occur after the nomination, the administration director is obligated to immediately communicate it to the administrative council.

The administrative director declines the right of the post in the event that he loses the qualifications in art. 15 of the L. 55 1990. The administrative council declares the declination as soon as it comes to know of the return of conditions that render it necessary.

The administrative council

The administrative council, in additional to the work and the functions attributed by the statute of the Siena Jazz Foundation, appoints:

  • The administrative director;

  • The director of research, nominated by the artistic director, and therefore the person in charge of the library and the audio archive of the National Jazz Center “Arrigo Polillo”, as part of the research sector of the Siena Jazz Foundation;

  • The didactic director, nominated by the artistic director, from within the diploma course instructors;

  • The evaluation group;

  • The Academic Council

  • The board of instructors;

  • The student representative, nominated by the student committee to be part of the academic council.

He also deliberates on all administrative, financial and also didactic decisions, even upon request of the director, that they are relevant for the continuation of the statutory goals, confirming that they are correct and pertinent with the Statute and useful for the image, the level of excellence in the various sectors of didactics, research and production, the correspondence to the system of sought after quality is to uphold the effective quality of the institution. That is why he approves the organizational structure for the activities of didactics, production and research, the general didactic Regulations for the Siena Jazz courses and the didactic Regulations of the various study courses.

The didactic director

The didactic director is named by the administrative council upon suggestion of the artistic director and holds the office for three years. The didactic director calls and presides over the academic council and in particular:

  • He is in charge of the pursuit of the didactic objectives in the diploma courses at the institution;

  • He drafts the didactic regulations for the diploma courses that are then approved by the administrative council and offers the relative modifications;

  • He constitutes, calls and presides over, according to the objectives and needs that are requested by the administrative council, the judging commissions for comparative evaluations reserved for the musicians that are candidates for teaching positions. Each judging commission is composed of three members, two external to the institution plus the director or internal instructor that is nominated by him;

  • He decides the various exam commissions. In each exam commission, the main instrument instructor must be present along with two additional instructors chosen by the director based on the exam characteristics and the availability of the teaching body;

  • He brings the following to the administrative council for approval: proposals regarding didactic regulations, the curricula and everything else that is in the expertise of the academic council;

  • He imposes, after hearing the opinion of the academic council, in accordance with the indications of the administrative council, the characteristics of the announcement for the comparative evaluations necessary for the appointment of the teaching positions. All of the above-mentioned respects the norms established for non-governmental institutions by the Ministry of Instruction, the University and of the Research.

  • He identifies, for each instrument of group of instruments or subjects, the teaching sectors that need a specific didactic overseer, called the didactic leader of the sector.

  • He names for each teaching sector that is identified, the didactic sector leader, after consulting the board of instructors. Each didactic sector leader is automatically a member of the academic council.

The academic council

The academic council is formed by the didactic director, which presides over it, by the artistic director of the Siena Jazz Foundation, by the didactic sector leaders of the diploma courses and by one student. The academic council is a three year appointment and carries out the following duties:

Defines the subject curriculum for each course in accordance with the didactic objectives for excellence in high level training requested by the institution; Defines the ways to attribute credits for each subject; Defines the subjects to pass with an exam and those to pass through a test and/or evaluation carried out by a single instructor; Defines the exam commissions Defines the characteristics of the entrance exams, of the passage exams and of the final exams, always in accordance with the didactic objectives for excellence in high-level training requested by the institution; Defines the tests and the evaluations to apply to the subjects without exams; Proposes the internal didactic regulations; Proposed the names of students to send on didactic exchanges with other national and/or international institutions; Proposes all of the possible didactic, technical, instrumental, organizational and structural improvements deemed necessary or auspicious with reference to didactic activities in various courses; Proposes the types of some training courses and refresher courses for the teaching body.

All of the proposals from the academic council must by approved by the administrative council.

The review board

The review board, as included in the Siena Jazz Foundation statute, is a body composed of three members named by the administrative council. The review board is responsible for:

  • The verification of the financial management and the confirmation of the regular bookkeeping as well as to verify that the administrators punctually fulfill the statutory obligations;

  • To express it’s opinion regarding an underwritten report on the final account for every fiscal year of the Foundation.

The review board nominates from within the president that convenes and presides over the sessions and holds the post for four years.

The evaluation group

The evaluation group, constituted following the deliberations of the administrative council, is formed by three components possessing different competences, of which two are selected from external experts, including foreigners, of proven qualifications in the field of evaluation. The evaluation group verifies the conformity of the results to the objectives. In particular: It has the work to evaluation the results of didactic and scientific activities and of the overall operation of the institution, verifying, even through comparative cost and yield analysis, the optimum use of resources; It drafts a yearly report on the activities and on the operations of the institution based on the general criteria determined by the Committee for the evaluation of the university system. The report is passed to the administrative council of the Siena Jazz Foundation, to the founding members of the institution and to the competent Ministry; It acquires periodically, maintaining anonymity, the opinions of the students regarding didactic activities, including them in the annual report mentioned above. The evaluation group will be assured operational autonomy, the right to access the data and all necessary information, as well as the publicity and the diffusion of the acts with respect to the law protecting privacy.

The board of instructors

The board of instructors is formed by instructors and presided over by the director. The board of instructors:

  • It elaborates and proposes the subject curriculum for each course to the academic council;

  • It supports the academic council in identifying the type of entrance exams and passage exams and final exams for the diploma courses;

  • It supports the academic council in identifying the tests and evaluations to apply to the subjects without exams in the diploma courses;

  • It proposes the students that are deserving of eventual scholarships.

  • All of the instructors that teach diploma courses are part of the board of instructors.

The student council

All of the students enrolled in the diploma courses can participate in the elections for the five member positions on the student council provided for by the Siena Jazz Foundation. The five members must be composed as follows: three members coming from the three-year diploma courses and two from the two-year courses. The student council is nominated by ratification of the administrative council. The student council is called to collaborate with the Siena Jazz Foundation when addressing requests and formulating proposals to present to the academic council and, through this, to the administrative council, with particular reference to the didactic organization and student services. The administrative council will assure, in the limits of it’s own power, the means necessary to carry out the duties of the council. The student council meets at least once a year, at the start of the academic year and is presided over by the director and by a delegate. On the occasion of the formation of the academic council, the student council is asked to propose a representative to insert into the academic council. Once the council chooses their representative, they must communication the nominee to the didactic director and he will send it to the administrative council to formalize the act of nomination.