The HOS – Housing Office for Students is happy to furnish students with information on an ample list of housing options, including university and private facilities. The office provides a free consultation and mediation service to assist students in finding accommodation.
The Siena Jazz Foundation has neither dormitories nor guest quarters. Incoming students who opt not to take advantage of the services provided by the HOS must therefore make their own arrangements for housing while in Siena.
HOS – Housing Office for Students
tel. +39 0577 271402 int. #2
DSU—Diritto allo Studio Universitario di Siena (The Right to University Studies in Siena)
The Siena Jazz Foundation is a member of regional university programmes which, in turn, are part of DSU (Diritto allo Studio Universitario—The Right to University Studies), an organization dedicated to the right to study.
This organization deals with many issues related to transfer studies and studying abroad, such as scholarships, accommodation, and meal options.
Students enrolled at the Siena Jazz University may take advantage of the office of this organization, and may purchase a refectory meal card allowing them to eat in a refectory at the price of € 4.00 per meal.
They may also ask to be put on the wait-list for the university housing at the disposition of the DSU at extremely affordable prices.
DSU Siena/ Ms. Rossella Zuffa
tel. +39 0577 760812
University of Siena/ International Relations Office
tel. +39 0577 232392