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Entrance prerequisites necessary to take the Admissions Exam

  • Possess a high school diploma
  • Possess basic instrumental or vocal techniques
  • Possess the skills and theoretical and practical abilities described in the admissions test

Student with good skills can be admitted even if not graduated. In any case the student must get the diploma before the end of the third year of the Siena Jazz University. To be admitted to the Entrance Examination the student must fill the following form and pay a 62 euros fee

The payment can be made via international wire transfer paid to the following bank account in the name of Fondazione Siena Jazz:

IBAN IT15X0867371880000001002735


The Enrollment for the following year will be always subordinated to the Frequency of lessons regularity and the passing of the examinations of the previous year.


 2017-2018 Application form

The enrollment form must be sent to

The deadline for the Application Form is set at August, 27th 2017