Non-Eu Students

Siena Jazz Foundation will open enrollments also for all the non-eu students interested in taking a first grade Academic Diploma in Italy, for the academic year 2015-2016.

We inform all these students that:

  • Enrollment is open only for full-time courses;
  • A certificate for italian language for foreigners, issued by an institute aknowledged by the  MIUR ( Instruction, University and Research Ministry);
  • Is it necessary to fullfill all the requirement for non-EU students set by the MIUR ( Instruction, University and Research Ministry).

The enrollment form must be filled by September, 1st 2015. 
The Enrollment fee for the admission exam is euro 62,00 and must be paid by September, 1st 2015.
The attendance fee for all the non-EU students is 3.500,00 euro.