Course introduction

Academic Diploma Courses Level I

The Ministerial Decree D.M.10, November 2011, N.193 authorizes the Siena Jazz Foundation to issue qualifications for Advanced Artistic Training for the attainment of the Level 1 Academic Diploma in:

  • jazz piano

  • jazz guitar

  • jazz double bass

  • electric bass

  • jazz trumpet

  • jazz trombone

  • jazz clarinet

  • jazz saxophone

  • jazz drums and percussion

  • vocal jazz.

Therefore, the Siena Jazz Foundation – National Academy of Jazz, as a result of the Ministerial Decree, activates for the 2012-2013 academic year triennial Academic Diploma courses for advanced musical training, specifically named: SJU - Siena Jazz University

Siena Jazz adds this new didactic section for advanced training to the already well-established research section, represented by the “National Center for Jazz Studies – Arrigo Polillo”.

The two sectors, closely connected, constitute a true department for excellence on the international level for advanced musical training studies for jazz and its contemporary derivations.

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Didactic Offerings

10 Academic Diploma Courses and 12 Professorships,one for each of the authorized instrument courses, plus an additional post for jazz saxophone and for jazz drums and percussion. The Siena Jazz Foundation Academic Diplomas have got the same legal value of the Universities Academic Diplomas, as those issued by Conservatoires or Aknowledged Academies. They are made to reach a common goal among the institutions recognized by the Ministry of University: to provide an excellence path towards the higher education, in the professional and artistic field.

43 italian instructors: Daniele Camarda, Franco Fabbrini, Silvia Bolognesi, Ferruccio Spinetti, Roberto Cecchetto, Roberto Nannetti, Domenico Caliri, Andrea Scognamillo, Fabrizio Puglisi, Stefano Onorati, Alfonso Santimone, Simone Graziano, Ettore Fioravanti, Francesco Petreni, Alessandro Paternesi, Fabrizio Sferra, Paolo Corsi, Walter Paoli, Maurizio Giammarco, Stefano Franceschini, Achille Succi, Dan Kinzelman, Fulvio Sigurtà, Giovanni Falzone, David Boato, Roberto Rossi, Tony Cattano, Diana Torto, Claudia Pantalone, Romina Capitani, Mirco Mariottini, Mariano Di Nunzio, Tomaso Lama, Roberto Spadoni, Stefano Battaglia, Alessandro Giachero, Francesco Martinelli, Cesare Orselli, Roberto Spadoni, Senio Corbini, Rob Nowell, Annalisa Coppolaro, Stefano Jacoviello, Fabio Berellini, Franco Caroni.

Courses Term

384 hours of lessons per academic year.

36 available spots available granted through admissions exams.

4 days of intensive courses every two weeks for eight months.

32 hours of individual instrument.

64 hours of group music lessons, with formations composed of a maximum number of 6 elements in which each instructor teaches as leader of the formation.

Specific musical productions to carry out in various associated Italian and European Jazz Festivals.

Internships and laboratories with national and international musicians, on top of the official hours of the course.

Concerts and exhibitions with students and instructors at each meeting.

The frequency is mandatory and the percentage of abscence cannot overcome the 20% of the hour lessons. The course develops through 16 intensive fortnight meetings, two each month during the eight month course. Each meeting will last 4 days.